Tuesday, September 16, 2008

About Me

I am by no means a professional bartender. Of course, when you live in the city of Columbus, Ohio, that is probably a good thing. I won't say much about myself aside from the fact that i have a growing collection of alcohol and a wee bit of free time on my hands. That, and I want to document some of my experiments and observations for my own use - so this is as much a blog for my own purposes as it is for anyone else who cares to read it.

Why did i end up collecting all this liquor? Well, contrary to what someone might believe, I actually don't drink that much - the collection was built mostly to entertain other people. Unfortunately, since i don't drink that much and my friends (it turns out) don't drink very much either, the collection has grown larger and larger and now i have a bunch of alcohol that i could do a lot of things with, but i haven't yet. So part of the point of the blog is to figure out what to do with it - another related part is to figure out how to make my friends drink my alcohol.

A list of the liquors I have collected can be seen (link provided - probably on the side, if i did things correctly). I'm also doing an ongoing vodka experiment that I will be updated occasionally after it gets started.


Michael Sarko said...

I am a writer and editor at Liquid Sexy (http://liquidsexy.net/), an alcohol and lifestyle blog based out of Seattle, Washington. I would like to exchange blogroll links with your site if you would be interested. You can reach me at blacksuit190@yahoo.com if you would be interested in a link exchange.

Thank you

Arthur Shapiro said...

Just wanted to introduce you to my recently launched blog.
Some interesting and entertaining stuff about the business of booze.

Cubby Creative said...

Hi mate,

No new posts for a while? I enjoyed your perspectives and save your RSS.

My blogtails post Sydney bar reviews, original and traditional cocktails and the odd rant about a spirit or subject close to my heart.

Check it out if you ever have a moment.