Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Old Overholt

Old Overholt. Probably the most inexpensive rye whiskey that you could ever get. If you're obsessed with making drinks the historically accurate way, then it's a cheap way to make a Manhattan correctly. And it does make a good Manhattan.

How does it taste? It's not enormously complex. Sweet, but not very full-bodied. Some have described the taste as similar to sunflower seeds. I can't disagree with that - but think sunflower seeds sans the "roasted" and "buttery" flavors. Although not very full-bodied, it is distinctive. The taste could be a turn-off when drunk straight, but it is quite mixable.

I'll think of a special drink for it in a bit.


Liquor said...

It's chief and different taste like as a sunflower seeds.I'll think of a special drink for it in a bit.


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