Friday, February 6, 2009

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Here I am with some picture, finally. Pictures taken with my digital camera that i thought i would use a whole lot more but then didn't. But here they are. Details, if you remember, is the new "bartender's" bar in Columbus, where the bartenders and staff are a whole lot more professional than the ones you will find at most other places in Columbus. I ordered two drinks from there, the Aviation and the Singapore Sling. Both drinks are ones that I think show a good bit of thoughtfulness.

The Aviation, i was surprised at, in part, because I had spent the previous week trying Luxardo Maraschino and Creme de Violette by themselves - and let me note that I was not particularly impressed. The Luxardo does not taste much of cherry when drunk on it's own (in part because of the high alcohol content), and the Creme de Violette, while very perfumey, tastes like cotton candy and/or artificial grape flavoring. Mixing them up with something sour (or diluting them to reduce the alcohol content), however, apparently makes their flavor more apparent. You start to taste cherry more, and the perfume of the creme de violette becomes something that you taste more in the drink.

At Details, the Aviation (as noted) is made with Creme de Violette. The way that they serve it, is unique - the Creme de Violette is carefully slipped into the bottom of the drink - and moreover, some Creme de Violette is also shaken in with the rest of the ingredients as well. The effect, i think, is great. Towards the end, you start to really taste the effect of various intensities of Creme de Violette in the drink. But at the same time, you still get to taste some of the perfume from the beginning. It was an extra added effect that I think showed some real thoguhtfulness on the part of the bartender.

The second drink i ordered was the Singapore Sling - a drink that I've made a few times myself. When i first saw the drink, I thought they made it wrong. I make mine with Cherry Heering - and the result is that the drink takes on a pinkish hue. The bartender assured me that they do in fact use a cherry brandy when they make their drinks - but it is one that is kept a secret. (He suggested it was made in-house or something along those lines). The drink was made with freshly squeezed juices - which was interesting, in part because you got a lot more "pulp" from the pineapple juice. The only thing I guess i missed was more cherry flavor - I didn't really seem to taste it as much as I would've liked. Then again, they're making it using their own cherry brandy, and if they want to de-emphasize the cheery, then that is fine. It was a tasty drink nonetheless.

Definitely check the place out if you're ever in Columbus.


Neyah White said...

I suspect the 'cherry brandy' used was not a house made ingredient but a cherry eau de vie. Cherries give up their color almost imeadiately when infused and the drink pictured clearly has no red fruit coloring.

If this is the case, the Sling would be a little boring as I doubt the eau de vie would be able to claw its way through pulpy pineapple juice and the sugar from the Heering would be sorely missed.

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Narasimha said...

It would be like a cosmox. But this taste was better much.



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